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Syd Glasso–An Influential, Innovative, Master Fly Tier and His Canadian Connections

By Art Lingren

Art Lingren wondered when he got into this if I had enough material for a book but now complete it is 90 pages plus cover, 6 pages more than his Bill McMillan book.  In addition to two Syd Glasso collections—Bob Taylor’s and John Bokstroms’s—the book has flies dressed by Jack Vincent from British Columbia and Garry Anderson, Dareld Thompson and Sean Dahlquist from Washington State.  All three of the Washington fellows are members of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Tier Guild.  All the people have flies in the book have been influenced by Glasso and dress flies using his techniques and in his style.  Bob Taylor learned from Glasso himself by sitting and watching Glasso tie when, back in the 1970s, Bob visited him in Forks, Washington. John Bokstrom and Glasso were good friends and Syd gave John quite a few flies that John framed. Totem Flyfisher club member Ben Gerhke (Fair Flies 5D Brushes), bought some of Bokstrom’s Glasso plates from the estate and Ben was kind enough to let me borrow the fly plates so I could photograph them. In addition to Glasso-dressed flies, there are many fine examples of Glasso-style flies – steelhead and Spey – in the book, some the best I have ever seen tied. An example is Sean Dahlquist’s tie of Glasso’s Orange Heron that graces the book cover. 

Bob Clay’s winter Kispiox River scene and Scott Baker-McGarva’s unique Glasso compliment close the book.