Stonfo Kaiman Fly Tying Vise


High quality clamp vise from Stonfo

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Stonfo Kaiman Fly Tying Vise for sale in Canada.


High-precision clamp allows to solidly lock any type of fly in an instant. To use simply squeeze the lever to open the clamp, place the hook and release the lever without the need for any adjustment. The clamp is made of special hardened steel and its unique profile is designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes of hooks, from small to large from the 28 until 5/0 of the sea. The gripper assembly is mounted on two precision bearings that allow a smooth 360 ° rotation facilitated by the special dual diameter wheel.

Other important features of this vise ar:are:

actuating lever with ergonomic grip,

adjustable tying angle

adjustable clutch on the rotational movement,

locking the rotation in the zero position,

height adjustment,

Lever can be set up for Right or Left Handed use. Supplied with base with niches, material locking spring, allen keys and instructions for use.

Fantastic vise for the price point with several unique features.