Regal Inex Vise


High quality entry level Regal Vise with legendary ease of use.

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Regal Inex Vise for sale in Canada.

This vise is known for its legendary hook gripping power and ease of use. The unique and incredibly strong self adjusting jaws will hold hooks 3/0 to 18. Just squeeze the lever to open the jaws, release to grip the hook. Its that simple ! Complete with C-Clamp.

They have redesigned the INEX recently. The INEX now features a Standard Medallion Head allowing you to rotate the head 360° to inspect the other side of the fly. Additionally it lets you take advantage of all the interchangeable heads and accessories in the MEDALLION SERIES of REGAL VISES. This is the best possible lifetime VISE for the beginning fly tyer. This VISE can grow with you by adding new MEDALLION SERIES heads and accessories based on your expanding interests and needs.