OPST Composite Brushes

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New product from OPST

  • Black/Orange
  • Bleeding Leech Black
  • Blue/Black
  • Blue/Grizzly/Pink
  • Blue/Purple
  • Pink/Lavender
  • Purple/Pink
  • Red/Black
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These OPST Composite Brushes for sale in Canada were the natural evolution of the composite loop form of tying flies. OPST and Fair Flies have teamed up to make it easier to tie composite flies with the strength of stainless steel. What used to take you many minutes of careful preparation, you can now accomplish in seconds.

These brushes are saltwater safe and produce a perfect profile without the need to create dubbing balls or use beads and other materials to build up a shoulder. Simply tie in and give it a wrap or two depending on how full or sparse you want it to be. Use a couple of wraps to create a robust shoulder with flowing, high-motion materials built in, or take a few more wraps and use the brush for the entire fly. This first round of brushes incorporates the following materials:

Ice Dub

Baitfish Emulator Flash

Ripple Ice Fiber

Barred Magnum Flashabou

Rubber Legs

– all tied on stainless steel wire. One brush yields 6-10 flies, or more depending on usage. 8 colors with more coming soon!