OPST Commando Skagit Fly line


Best selling Commando Skagit Head. Optimised for Switch Rods these lines are shorter than traditional Skagit Heads and therefore are able to be used on single handed rods with ease.

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OPST Commando Skagit Fly Line for sale in Canada.

OPST’s Heads are the result of decades of focus on sustained anchor systemology (SAS) by Ed Ward and Jerry French. They are designed to expand the capabilities of shorter spey rods, switch rods and single hand rods beyond that of normal. You may be surprised at their short length, but this was no accident. The ultra-short design provides an effortless casting feel and enhances performance in circumstances of restricted casting room, troublesome winds and in casting bulky flies. It also makes them more fishable than longer lines that are hard to control on the water. Wanna roll cast? Underhand? Nymph? Single hand Skagit with a haul? Overhead? Go right ahead. You have never cast a line like the Commando.

Check out the video link above for how to set up this head system

Please call us if you need further advice on the right grain weight for your rod.

Currently available grain weights 150 – 475

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