New Age Holo Flash


New Flash Material for 2017

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New Age Holo Flash for sale in Canada is a unique blend of Krinkle Flash, holographic tinsels, and UV fibers. New Age Holo Flash combines life-like action and realism with shimmering colors to produce excellent baitfish patterns for steelhead, salmon, and saltwater species. This holographic fly tying flash is made from Krinkle Flash which provides a textured appearance mimicking fish scales. The holographic attributes attract attention underwater, while the UV fibers provide reflective qualities, even in low-light conditions. Made in USA.

Colors (in order of appearance)

  • winter run purple
  • gold stone
  • midnight rainbow
  • amberstone
  • winter run blue
  • kaleidoscope
  • yellow yummy
  • sparkling wine
  • orange crush
  • green apple