Mustad S82-3906B Hooks


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Mustad S82-3906B 25 pack

In need of a nymph hook. This is it! The S82 is ridiculously strong because it’s fashioned out of wire 3 times stronger than Mustad’s standard nymph hook wire. The down bend eye easily allows for brass or tungsten beads to nest up to it and allows you to create an array of patterns for lake or stream. We’re big on Mustad because anyone who’s been making hooks since 1832 must know what the business is all about. They are the leader and all the come lately makers set their sights on Mustad because they are the one to beat. Like all Mustad Signature Series hooks, the hook penetration is unparalleled. The Sproat bend and 3x strength provides you with the knowledge of not having to worry about this hook bending out. If that’s not enough for you, the Nor-Tempering process of slow heating and cooling of the steel adds an additional 30% strength.

Available sizes : 4/6/8//10/12/14