Mustad 34007 Hooks


The most widely used Saltwater fly hook worldwide!

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The Mustad 34007 Hook is stainless steel and has almost universal use in saltwater.

  • O’Shaugnessy, forged ring, stainless steel, Mustad point
  • Available sizes : 1/2/4/6  50 pack
  • 1/0 & 2/0 25 pack

Mustad 34007

Corrosion resistant stainless steel and a fine needle point make the 34007 the standard saltwater hook for everything from Alaskan salmon to Bermuda bonefish. Fashioned from Norwegian steel, the chemically sharpened, opti-angled needle point penetrates deep. No additional sharpening required. The straight eye design makes that baitfish or krill pattern track true on the retrieve. The 1x length addition gives room to lay materials out without worry of head crowding.