Fisherman’s Spring (Roderick Haig-Brown)


Fine new unread paperback.

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A fisherman’s spring must start, I think, with the opening of the trout season,” writes Roderick Haig-Brown, and so begins this lively, informed book that ranges from the intricate mechanics of fly fishing to a broad statement of the author’s philosophy of life. “…As much a book about the practical aspects of fly fishing, with learned advice from a master about everything from fly selection to wading techniques, as it is about the deep rewards an angler can find through his sport.” Chapters include: The art of fishing; Spring defined; Figures and definitions; Fry imitations; Early cutthroat lakes; The maculate purist; The unexpected fish; Recognising birds; Putting fish back; Local knowledge; The fish by the cedar stump; Fly types; The forecast; The new rod; Fly lines; A boy and a fish pole; Northward geese; Stonefly imitations; The secret life; Boats and fast water; On wading; Fishing and the common man