Fishermans Fall (Roderick Haig-Brown)


The First of Haig-Brown’s seasonal books. An essential read for a West Coast fly fisher !

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A great new edition of this classic fishing book. “Fall is the time that most of the migratory runs come back to the rivers here on the Pacific Coast of North America. All our five species of Pacific salmon come home then except for a few early-running chinooks and cohos. Most of the winter-spawning cutthroat trout run into their rivers then. The last of the summer-run steelhead and the first of the winter runs almost close the gap between themselves. It is the liveliest, most exciting time of all the year. Gulls and eagles, goldeneyes and mergansers, bears and mink and raccoons all come down to the rivers.” And anglers. Chapters include: The scene: Fall defined. Pacific Salmon: Origins; A word for the small streams; New horizons; Pacific salmon in salt water; Pacific salmon in fresh water; Big fish and fresh water; The ocean years; The energy of salmon; The death of the salmon. Estuary Fishing: The nature of estuaries; Patterns and problems; Solutions and surmises; Behind the salmon; Perfect morning. Steelhead and Low Water: More steelhead mysteries; Steelhead and the dry fly – further notes; An ideal stream; More fast-water rises. Aquarium Notes: Acquisition, observations. Conclusions: Thoughts while fishing; Thoughts under water; The freedom of the river; Return of the salmon; Underwater learning; At winter’s edge; Ethics again. Haig-Brown at his best. This is the first book in Haig-Brown’s ‘Seasons’ series – Fisherman’s Fall, Fisherman’s Winter, Fisherman’s Spring, and, Fisherman’s Summer.