Elk Hair


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Elk Hair is an essential tying material for Western Canada’s trout streams. Use it for your dry flies such as caddis, stoneflies, stimulators, and of course the Elk Hair Caddis. Elk contains minimal underfur so it combs out easy and stacks beautifully to give your dries supreme buoyancy. We stock Cow Elk, which is usually darker and slightly shorter than Bull Elk, and it makes terrific wings on comparaduns, sparkle duns and smaller dries. Bull Elk on the other hand is usually a more dun coloured hair that is finer textured. Longer too, it finds its way into bulkier dries for island swiftwaters. Elk hock is another product we carry. Fine and short, and great for tailing dry flies. We also carry a range of Bull Elk in dyed colours.